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  Michał Góral b62c273f0d Serve Libre Baskerville locally 4 months ago
  Michał Góral ff27ba087f Don't hide anything 6 months ago
  Michał Góral 007042e935 Site title is heading again 6 months ago
  Michał Góral 4beb6be1f8 Many ARIA improvements 6 months ago
  Michał Góral d907d90d1e Use default serif font if Baskerville is not available 6 months ago
  Michał Góral 84fe1f31ce Updated license & readme 6 months ago
  Michał Góral 8066bacaa7 Really fix tags 6 months ago
  Michał Góral 02224f5561 Fixed tags 6 months ago
  Michał Góral e0c3a28350 Added page history link 6 months ago
  Michał Góral c3daddee56 Removed data 6 months ago
  Michał Góral a32361d3c2 Removed img shortcode 6 months ago
  Michał Góral acda5e2a87 Fixed summaries 6 months ago
  Michał Góral 20dd99888d Fixed different single page footers. 6 months ago
  Michał Góral 3ff75e3f95 favicon 6 months ago
  Michał Góral c27466eeaf Removed i18n, changed footer 6 months ago
  Michał Góral c95b21ad99 Customizations 6 months ago
  Michał Góral 2f61605987 de-indent 6 months ago
  Michał Góral 7e01f91bdf Increased line-height 6 months ago
  Michał Góral 385db3bf3d Hard-copy of img shortcode from twenty-twelve 6 months ago
  Emiel Hollander 34868a963c Add option to include additional CSS files 7 months ago
  Emiel Hollander 64eaadc5a0 Disable link checking in CI for now 7 months ago
  Emiel Hollander 04cec53f02 Include version of htmlproofer in CI log 7 months ago
  Emiel Hollander 6b8c47009f Add background color 7 months ago
  Emiel Hollander 87f3c9c6d1 Add tests for Hugo 0.54.0 8 months ago
  Emiel Hollander ad98d4bb94 Add generated uncompressed CSS for server mode in Hugo Basic 8 months ago
  mplatten 10dc22dd8e Add translation to German 9 months ago
  Emiel Hollander cbc4360644 Add testing for Hugo 0.53 9 months ago
  Emiel Hollander bd27f5de7e
Improve automated tests 10 months ago
  Emiel Hollander 9560aab500 Use relURL function to generate favicon URLs 10 months ago
  Emiel Hollander 0ec8697c81 Fix index layout for short titles and summaries 10 months ago
  Emiel Hollander 676c29d640 Bump Hugo version to 0.52 10 months ago
  Fernando G. Vilar 96b488b992 Add translation to Spanish (#8) 10 months ago
  Emiel Hollander 792b4cb3a3
Add integration with Travis CI 11 months ago
  Emiel Hollander aed2809faa Update min_version because of using .NextPage and .PrevPage 11 months ago
  Emiel Hollander 0128143d9e Remove deprecated .Next and .Prev calls 11 months ago
  Emiel Hollander a404054773 Use .Site.Author.name in footer instead of .Site.Params.Author 11 months ago
  Emiel Hollander c9604bb1e3 Remove duplicate closing tags from footer 1 year ago
  Emiel Hollander e50ae39229 Add partial for introduction on index page 1 year ago
  Emiel Hollander ffc436900b Extract summary from list templates into its own layout file 1 year ago
  Emiel Hollander 16c49c87d1 Use relURL function to generate URLs 1 year ago
  Emiel Hollander ca03368e56 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/EmielH/tale-hugo 1 year ago
  Emiel Hollander 07125cc9f4 Fix broken about page 1 year ago
  Emiel Hollander dc8c7e1e29
Merge pull request #6 from davezuko/patch-1 1 year ago
  David Zukowski c6ae689431
Remove extraneous slash from header partial 1 year ago
  Emiel Hollander ebb14fb8e4 Add partials for single post header and footer 1 year ago
  Emiel Hollander 40647ffb41 Fix duplicate header 1 year ago
  Emiel Hollander ceca9971c1 Add basic support for taxonomies 1 year ago
  Emiel Hollander 099821c8c7 Split single post header partial for more flexibility 1 year ago
  Emiel Hollander 1d6a21e02c Split some templates into partials 1 year ago
  Emiel Hollander b22abdc7f4 Add manually setting the summary in page frontmatter 1 year ago